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  Correspondence Management System  
Incoming and Outgoing Documents Management

The Correspondence Management System, developed by Archimedia S.A., supports the organisation and life cycle of the documents an institution receives or sends.

The application includes all the characteristics required by an organisation to register the information of its incoming or outgoing documents and it also provides advanced options of structure, search and access to the data that are being stored.

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Functional Features:

  • Incoming Documents Management
    Incoming documents data registration (e.g. registration number (one or more), sender, receiver, dispatch and receipt date, e.t.c.).
  • Outgoing Documents Management
    Outgoing documents data registration (either reply to an incoming document or outgoing).
  • Assignments Management & Documents Monitoring
    Assignment and monitoring of the pending documents based on a time period, the Person or the Department the document has been assigned to, e.t.c.
  • Sequential Assignments of Documents
    to departments and staff to support their cooperation. During assigning or processing, comments or relative electronic files can be attached to the document.
  • Reports & Printings
    Creation, storage and use of Ad-hoc reports, having the options of on screen display, and export to Excel or PDF file, in order to support administrative procedures and efficient workflow follow up. Automatic creation and export of the organisation's registration book to Excel file. Furthermore, dynamic document list export in the format of a registration book instead of a simple grid. Document's history search functionality, identifying the relevant documents that preceded or followed a document.
  • Integrated Security
    The system administrator can define detailed access rights for each user, while the user's environment is automatically adjusted based on these access rights. Documents Encryption and Secure Web Access (SSL) is also supported. Users' and Roles' creation and management, including the data of the Departments and Users.
  • Electronic Files' Attachment
    and correlation with incoming or outgoing documents. Automatic import of digitized documents through scanning.
  • Distant Access through Web (Internet/Intranet)
    If the organisation's safety rules allow distant access you can access the Correspondence Management System through the Web (e.g. home office, other organisation, e.t.c.).


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