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Content Management System for the creation and design of websites/portals

A portal presents, in a uniform way, information/content coming from diverse sources, since it includes services such as email, search engine, information, online polls, discussion forums, news, entertainment, etc.

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Archimedia S.A. develops portals that meet the customer's needs, that is webites with content management functionality to manage or create new pages.

The content management subsystem enables the definition of web sites and the creation of their pages, based on predefined templates.

The application provides content/text editors to create pages online and many functionalities for creating advanced portals using portlets.

Functionality to manage users and groups for the visitors of the web site, separating the portal pages from the content management system.

A collection of portlets, such as News, Announcements, Articles, Press Releases, Requests, Forums, Contact Forms, e.t.c., is provided along with a back-office system built on top of the company's document management system.

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Functional Features:

  • Templates
    Templates creation and storage

  • CSS - Templates
    Cascading Style Sheets Templates definition

  • Portlets
    Defining dymanic content sections such as current Page Path display, News section, Articles, e.t.c.




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